Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

When your special day is set, making all the plans can be a daunting task. You have to find the perfect wedding dress, get it tailored, create a registry, pick out the best invitations, know who you’re going to invite, find a wedding chapel, look for a good reception hall, choose flowers around your theme, rent a limo or vehicle, and start choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Couples that try to figure everything out on their own end up getting frustrated, overwhelmed, and in some cases, put off the wedding. It’s true, but it definitely doesn’t have to be this way. All you have to do is learn how to set up each section of your wedding accordingly, and today we want to talk about choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Start with the Color

Obviously, you’re going to be wearing white, but the rest of your wedding will have a theme. When you choosing bridesmaid dresses it’s important to know what color they will be first. Some women believe that the best route is finding a color that revolves around a seasonal pattern. Others may get a beautiful color based upon psychological association. Whatever route you take really comes down to preference, but you have to choose one or the other.

Another reason you will want to choose the color first is if you’re letting the bridesmaids pick out their own dress. This is a very popular option today, and several brides are alleviating it from their list of jobs. Just remember to tell them that it has to stay within the color scheme you want and none of them will let you down.

Opting for Similar Designs

If by chance you’re choosing bridesmaid dresses based on your wedding gown design, then you will have to take a different route. The best thing to do here is to find a location that offers everything you want and doesn’t be afraid to take the maid of honor with you. You will have plenty to do and probably be on the phone all the time, so pass this on to the MOH. She will feel extra important (unless your MOH is Patrick Dempsey), and want to please you as best she can.

Make Outlines based on certain Elements

We all know there are several things to consider when choosing bridesmaid dresses, which means it’s important not to overlook any of them. The outline of these dresses will depend on the season, the current weather, if your wedding is during the day or evening, or even the style of your wedding gown. When you start thinking about this it might sound difficult, but it’s really easy.

There are four common elements you will want to consider; the hem, neckline, straps, and waist. Figure out the variations that will be acceptable for each one and let your bridesmaids know about them. If you’re doing it all yourself or with the maid of honor, we know you will pick something that will blend well with your entire wedding.

Happy Times

This is your time and we’re extremely excited for you. Choosing bridesmaid dresses is only one part of the big picture, but if you know what to do when it’s time to decide, the choices will be magical. Good luck starting this new chapter in your life. We hope the new memories you create will last forever.

A Guide to Wedding Shoes

If you are like most brides, wedding shoes are not at the top of your list. You know you need them, will have to pick a pair, but are more concerned about your dress. The shoes you ultimately choose will be based on the dress you are wearing, the amount you have to spend and your personal preference.

Still, others feel that the shoes are very important and want to wear shoes that are both pretty and comfortable. Since they will be standing in them for several hours, this is going to be an important feature when looking for shoes. Many brides have their shoes dyed to match their dress and this is a lovely look.

Should You Buy Designer Wedding Shoes?

Some brides decide on designer wedding shoes as part of their wedding day attire. There are several designer brands that make elegant shoes. In addition to being the perfect look, they are also made using very fine detail. One designer is Piotr Antoni. Their bridal shoes are designed to be the perfect touch for the bride and bridesmaids.

The choice of colors, such as silver, champagne, ivory, and white make matching them to the dress easy. They have a wide range of shoes that each has their own unique features so finding the right ones is not a difficult task.

Another choice in designer wedding shoes is Badgley Mischka. Their shoes are an elegant style that will be the perfect touch for the bride. The fabrics used are the best quality which allows the bride to choose the best style and color for her dress. The bridesmaids will also enjoy choosing from this designer brand to complement their dress.

Color the Shoes to Match the Dress

Wedding shoes are normally made from a material that allows them to be dyed so they can match the bridal gown. This may include a silk satin that is white with leather soles. The choice of styles can be anything from a low, medium or high heel.

The colors chosen to dye the shoes will be the best match for the wedding dress. If the bride has chosen to wear a pastel color rather than the traditional white, the shoes can be dyed to match. Often the shoes can be dyed at the place of purchase. There are many different colors from which to choose and among the colors are various shades of each.

For example, if you have decided to have blue shoes, the colors may include a robin’s egg blue, a soft pastel or even a royal blue. There are many shades available no matter what color wedding gown you have decided to wear.

When purchasing your shoes, where is the best place to find them? Should you buy online or should you go to a bridal shop? The choice can be much more varied if you shop online. You will have literally thousands available to peruse. If you purchase from a bridal shop they will have a good assortment and can special order them if you find a pair you absolutely adore.

One choice that many brides are making is Amore Bridal Shoes. With a new system the bride can choose the shoes she wants instantly using an Amore distributor. This allows the fitting of the wedding dress to go as planned without chasing around trying to find the shoes that will be worn first. The time before the wedding is quite hectic and running from shop to shop trying to find the right shoes can be a headache.

Your Wedding Dress

Of all the special days in your life, your wedding day is the day you want to look beautiful and feel special.

The style of your wedding dress should complement the style of your wedding, whether it be a formal wedding, informal wedding, traditional wedding or themed wedding. It is important also that the style of your wedding dress is flattering to your figure and enhances your best features.

To have more option and choice the earlier you start looking at wedding gowns the better. Some imported wedding dresses can be ordered but can take many months to arrive here. Wedding gown designers who specialize in one of a kind creations have a limited time frame for making and can be booked up many months in advance. If you have a wedding dress designed for you it is wise to try on a few different styles to decide what style wedding dress suits you best.

Full-length wedding dresses are lovely for evening or formal weddings and are usually worn with a veil. Day weddings can be more informal with shorter gowns and a garland of flowers or a soft fabric hat as headwear.

The traditional white wedding dress is still very popular and beautifully complements dark hair and olive complexion. However, it is best to choose a fabric which complements your skin and hair coloring. As a guide, a soft white wedding dress is lovely with blonde hair and a fair or olive complexion, a cream color wedding dress enhances red hair and a fair complexion, while an ivory wedding dress complements light brown or honey blonde hair with a peaches and cream complexion.

Long wedding trains are appropriate for large, formal weddings while shorter ones are more suitable for informal or day weddings. Wedding trains can be made as detachable items to extend the useful life of the wedding dress.

Accessories are used to finish the look and pearls, sequins, beading, crystals, lace, and flowers are just some of the embellishments available to enhance your wedding dress.

Jewelry and wedding shoes should be discreet and chosen to complement your wedding dress rather than draw attention away from it. Covering your wedding shoes with a fabric matching that of your gown is a subtle touch.

There are many options open to you when purchasing your wedding dress and your budget may determine the choice you make. Wedding dresses can change in style from year to year and you should consider the time of year, the climate and the comfort of your wedding dress. When starting to look for your wedding gown take someone with you whose opinion you respect and who will give you an honest opinion without pushing you to make a hasty decision. Make sure you wear shoes of the correct height, something with a heel you are used to and which you can walk in comfortably.

When buying an off the shelf wedding dress from a bridal boutique you are able to try several different styles and colors to ensure that you make the right choice.

Alternatively, you may have the wedding dress designed and made by an exclusive fashion designer who can design a wedding dress in the style, fabric, and color which is most flattering for you.

Making your own wedding dress is a far more challenging task but will provide you with a truly original wedding dress in your own individual style.

Another option is to hire your wedding dress. If you have a limited budget this is a very real alternative. Be sure to choose a reputable wedding supplier and a complete fitting together with all the wedding accessories before your wedding day.

5 Strategies to Help You Save During Your Search for Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Salt lake

Wedding venues play a key role in the big day of brides and grooms. But, how will you choose the best venue if you are on a tight budget? Well, worry no more because you can still have the most amazing wedding venue with no need to empty your pocket.

Check the Guest Count

After you get engaged, chances are you want to invite all your families, friends, relatives, and colleagues. As you start doing the math though, reality sinks in. Wedding venues and caterers basically calculate costs on per person basis. Add the service charge and tax and the overall cost can escalate rather quickly. When planning your guest count, focus on people you really want to share your special day with instead of people you just feel like you need to invite.

Hit Two Birds with One Stone

Holding your wedding ceremony and reception in one location is easier for both your wallet and your guests. Most wedding venues will even give discount for your rehearsal dinner on a Friday night when you hold this at their place as well. You can make things more exciting by offering a unique style of get-together every night like a casual terrace cocktail party for your rehearsal and for your big day, you can have a formal sit-down banquet reception.

Think Flexible

When you are more flexible with your event’s time and date, you will have more chances to save. Don’t book wedding venues during peak season so you can enjoy more perks aside from lower costs. Weddings during winter can be very magical while summer desert soirees are perfect during starry skies and balmy nights.

Daytime weddings are not just money-savers as these also let your guests spend time enjoying the gorgeous scenery of your venue. In general, it is cheaper to tie the knot on a Sunday or Friday compared to Saturday.

Menus Do Matter

Most couples assume that a hors d’oeuvres-only and cocktail reception is a big money saver than a regular sit-down meal. You will be able to save if you opt for buffet instead of plated service while hearty comfort food is better than haute cuisine, not to mention that your guests won’t be at risk of going hungry.

All the Little Things

So, you have finally chosen the one out of all the wedding venues in your shortlist. You have also finalized the list of guests, calculated things and everything works. You are on your way to signing the venue contract and all of a sudden, the figures don’t add up. Wait, did you consider the essential extras like cake cutting, chair covers, wedding arch, gift table, dance floor, ballroom canopy, heat lamps, lighting, insurance, and security? There are still a lot of potential extra costs and an honest wedding venue will tell you about them all upfront. If you fell in love with the golden chairs but the catering manager failed to inform you that they cost $10 each, this is an instant red flag.

Make sure you ask the venue representation about the specific inclusions in your initial quote for you to have a realistic idea of your overall expense.

Shop smart for wedding venues and have the best wedding ceremony and reception ever!

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